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What is an entertaining lifestyle?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

What is it to entertain? Let's start with the basics - to entertain means exercising hospitality ~ entertaining company ~ providing entertainment for guests. Entertaining is lifestyle - gathering people together in enjoyable surroundings, offering good food & drink, sharing stories, ideas, laughter, ... life. the savvy host's approach to entertaining is illustrated in our published guide, 8 Entertaining Essentials© , including:

(1) An Occasion to Entertain (2) Invitation Essentials

(3) Bar Basics and Beyond (4) Planning a Savvy Menu (5) Creating Ambiance

(6) Stylish Tabletops (7) Serving Savoir-Faire (8) Behind-the-Scenes

Coupled with a good sense of humor, our basic approach to hosting will awaken and enhance your own personal entertaining style. Whatever the reason, whoever the guests, wherever the location, we offer the basics needed to delight guests - and yourself. Good food, gracious hospitality and creative gatherings can, and do, impact so many different aspects of our lives. We like to think that being a savvy host has value beyond party decorations and a well-stocked bar! Visit to learn more...

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