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Old River Road

Chico, California

Old River Road designs and crafts home entertaining and lifestyle treasures in a wonderful combination of rustic and elegant - often featuring antique styled handles, custom wood carving and exquisite metalwork details. The Old River Road products are handcrafted by fine artisans and represent over a decade of dedication to refined elegance. 

PaperProducts Design

Marin County, California

Founded in 1993, Paper products Design (PPD) is located in Marin County, California. The concept is to bring fun and fashion together on napkins, plates and accessories and to create vivid and entertaining themes. PPD has the largest collection of napkin and plate designs in the business. Since PPD was founded, it has grown from 16 napkin designs to over 500 with art developed with and licensed from top tier designers from all over the globe. Truly, PPD can decorate any table, in any theme with unparalleled pizzazz. In addition to offering the best in paper goods, PPD's line also features the ultimate in gift-boxed porcelain; mugs, plates, espresso sets and cappuccino sets, all in beautiful boxes and ready to go as the perfect gift. Entertain in style with Paper products Design.

Joseph Joseph

New York, NY

Twin brothers Antony & Richard Joseph grew up with manufacturing in their blood, spending time in the family glass-making business.  Having both trained in product design, the brothers were embarking on their early careers when their father asked them to look at reinventing the glass chopping board.  They jumped at the chance.

After early success with their creative, colorful designs, their entrepeneurial spirit kicked in and in 2003 they decided to go it alone- and with that Joseph Joseph the brand was born.

The big leap forward came with a simple observation- many everyday objects can actually create problems for the user through poor design.  In addtion many tasks around the home could be made much easier and more enjoyable with a little inteligent thinking.

The design process always starts by identifying an everyday problem that people experience in the home and ends with finding an original solution that is a joy to use and to have in your home.

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